Equality is not the matter of time and place!


The youth division of the Chernivtsi Regional Association of Samaritans has again won the grant for carrying out  social youth project dedicated to matters of fighting discrimination in the world.The project called “” Equality is not the matter of time and place ” aims to unite German und Ukrainian youth in creating visual instruments of fighting such forms of discrimination as racial discrimination and social exclusion of the HIV Positive and Disabled people in their countries. In the course of the project work it is planned to study the issue of discrimination in the past and present from the point of view  of visual images. The basic idea  is to study propaganda posters, leaflets, drawings of former prisoners , distinctive marks of people in concentration camps as the  evidence of discrimination in the past, its propaganda and repressions both in the Nazi Germany and  Stalin era  in Soviet Union. The matter of inequality and social isolation in the modern society  will be researched through  PSAs, posters, symbols, short-length films.  Intercultural exchange and analysis of the latter issues  will consequently enable the youth to develop the idea and film their own short-length film, aimed at raising awareness and changing public attitude towards the problem of discrimintaion and its most burning manifestations in Germany and Ukraine. The youth also plans to carry out a “visual” campaign against discrimination in their local communities including such activities as a flash mob, street art and creating a series of posters or leaflets.


Our team has already met on a consultation seminar in Berlin in May 2013. Discussed our plans, presented the project ideas to other project leaders and made new friendships for the future projects. Now we are at the starting point of attracting new participants, interested in taking part and sharing the word of this cause among their friends!


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