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It is impossible to help everyone- says the heartless- and does not help anyone

Marie Ebner Eschenbach

Since September 2010 Regional Charity Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi has began involving young volunteers from Germany into its work . Young people wishing to engage in volunteer activities in order to make their input into  various charities around the world now have the opportunity to work in Ukraine, especially in our city. For German youth experience of charity work  is an opportunity to contribute to improving the lives of people who need different kinds of social support (care, communication, training) and learn Ukrainian culture so as to dispel stereotypes about our country on returning home. Volunteering in Europe has long ago become  common, conscious and popular activity among the young people. Through the example of German volunteers spending a so-called social year in Ukraine, it will hopefully become a modern  trend among Ukrainian teenagers to be involved in such a useful and noble cause as volunteering!
The first volunteer, who began working with the Regional Charity Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi,  within the Framework of the German program “Youth Abroad”, was a student from Hamburg, Hannah Kikwitzki.

The first German volunteer’s filed of work in our organization was extremely broad, from teaching German to children in the local kindergartens to visiting  the old ladies, victims of the national Socialist regime , who are wards of our organization. Hannah started and led the work of a volunteer youth group youth, which goes on with its work till now on the basis of The Chernivtsi Regional Association of Samritans. This is a group of  active Ukrainian youth who get together every week  to enjoy communication and organize various charity events and projects. This youth group is an interesting and useful way to spend leisure time for young people. The volunteer has also iniciated and  organized a number of fundraising and clothes collection events. The clothes and money collected in the course of these events were donated to orphanages and used to buy food for the wards of our organisation. All the work was being done with great enthusiasm and inspiration! Hannah’s feedback about the  work in our organization, about her life in Ukraine and the Ukrainians was a great motivation for new volunteers to come to Chernivtsi.

In  2011-2012 ,  four new volunteers from different parts of Germany decided to come to Chernivtsi. These were students  Carmen Stürtz, Julia Bauer, Charlotte Haussner and Tabea Naumann.Their engagemnet in the work of our organization throughout the zear of their satz in Ukraine was active and versatile. Despite their young age, the volunteers saw the seriousness of the problems existing in our society and in particulra those hardships that victims of National Socialism in Ukraine have to face..

DSCN0698DSCF2526DSCF2447-3With the example of their own work and enthusiasm four girls promoted the importance of charity work and volunteering  among the Ukrainian youth. Carmen, Julia, Charlotte and Tabea were teaching German in kindergartens of the city, organizing school groups and summer camps, where kids were able to practice their foreign language skills, but spend their summer time with a lot of fun. The volunteers were regularly visiting  v the elderly wards of the organization,  helping them in the household, organized meetings and concerts for the elderly, as well as held charity fundraising. Volunteers also worked with a group of German youth that traditionally each spring comes to  Chernivtsi  to renovate and equip playgrounds in one of the city’s kindergartens.the volunteers also continued work with the previously organized youth volunteer group consisting of Ukrainian teens who are interested in the opportunity of taking part in charity events that they develop and organize themselves.

Currently there is the third group of volunteers from Germany working in our organisation. They devote their social year in Ukraine to making someone’s life a little brighter, easier and more enjoyable!

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