Helping Chernivtsi Regional Oncology Center

Difficult economical condition in the independent Ukraine caused severe problems in the sphere of medicine. Chernivtsi Regional Oncology Center like many other medical institutions suffered from lack of equipment and furniture, awful conditions for the seriously ill patients etc.  All these factors made the doctors of the Oncology Center seek the opportunities for improving these conditions. Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi could provide the necessary help. Owning to the work of the Association annual repair works are carried out in the Oncology Center since 2006.  Patients and staff now dispose of newly and modernly repaired rooms, which meet all the requirements. So far 3 manipulation and 2 bandaging rooms have been repaired. The total sum of the construction works is 79000 HRN, 12 000 HRN out which have been provided as the charity help from friends, sponsors and patients.

Before the repairs

Vor der Renovierung  Vor der Renovierung

After the repairs

Nach der Renovierung  Nach der Renovierung


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