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116123Helping the children and the youth is the new direction of the Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi , which was first realized in March 2008. It aims assistance to the children and youth in any possible way. Taking into account the rhythm of the modern life children and teenagers need attention and communication apart from the financial support.  That is how we got the idea of carrying out international projects, where young German volunteers and adult leaders help Ukrainian kids, communicating with them and sharing cultural experiences. The  fist event in the course of the newly started project was the construction of the playground at the territory of the kindergarten №45. This playground was built using the new technologies and modern equipment. Construction activities have been carried out by the group of young German volunteers from Kiel (Schleswig- Holstein). This group of teenagers was very enthusiastic about their work as their motto is Helping the Others. After having completed the work young people were completely sure that they would love to come here again, as it is not only a great chance to do volunteer work, but also an opportunity to see a beautiful city, find new friends and get to know the culture. At the official opening ceremony the little children attending the kindergarten treated the guests with traditional bread and salt and presented them with Easter eggs. Not only the children but grown-ups too celebrated this event with joyful German songs and Ukrainian dances. Savchuk O.V. the head of the kindergarten № 45 expressed her sincere gratitude to the Samaritans for this help. This project is precious not only because of the help provided to the Kindergartens, but also because of the cooperation of two countries and many different organizations. Owning to this project, German volunteers had the chance to help the others and get to know Ukrainian traditions. Intercultural communication between the young people increases their cultural development, which is good for the children of both Germany and Ukraine.


Next year (2009), a new playground was an Easter present to the children of the kindergarten № 12. Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi in cooperation with the Association of Working Samaritans Schleswig-Holstein  and the volunteer group from Germany constructed a brand –new playground, the total cost of which is about 70000 HRN.


Now children of Chernivtsi can have fun on their new playgrounds. This is thus the second playground built by the Regional Association of Samaritans in our city.
Only the best and the most modern equipment had been used for the construction, as well as the artificial grass carpeting. The children can now play outside even after the rain.


Great enthusiasm of the German volunteers was a great input into this task. New bright paints and other materials have been bought for the construction. The work had been done with great deal of imagination. Not only the roofs of the pavilions had been repaired but also the wishes of the kids brought into life through colourful pictures on the walls. The official opening of this playground was a bright even too. The volunteers had made friends with the students of the foreign languages department of the Chernivtsi National University. They worked and spent their free time together and shared their experiences.

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