Helping the Elderly

IMG_3007On the   February 1st, 2007 the Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi in cooperation with the fund ” Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation” started the project aimed at providing help to the elderly. The goal of this project is to provide medical and social services for the lonely disabled citizens who have lost the opportunity to self-service, participants of war and hostilities among people who suffered Nazi persecution during World War. Owning to the Association of the working Samaritans in Germany and the   German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”, who have sponsored this project, it has become possible to help this category of citizens. During the project, in the period from March 1st, until the end of the year 2007, the Association granted 12,000 social services. Among them – apartment and window cleaning, laundry, ironing, carpet cleaning, changing the linen, cooking, washing dishes etc. Medical workers of the health mobile care service provided 21,439 health services. The latter include – measuring blood pressure and sugar level, lung and heart auscultation, ulcers and trophic ulcers care, enemas, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous injections etc. In addition to medical and social care we have often solve different problems of our wards to solve which they require additional assistance. These are for instance; ensuring the protection of single people from violence, intimidation, providing all sorts of legal advice, helping settle the formalities of numerous household needs. We provide support in overcoming the manifestations of bureaucracy, representing our wards we handle requests in archival institutions both domestic and abroad, helping to get the necessary information about relatives, as well as data that would result in gaining the status of the participant of the World War II.  Since the start of the mobile care service project till the end of the year 2007, our organization purchased medicines for our wards for the total amount of 13400 HRN. However the help we are able to provide is only a small share of what these people would actually need. Nowadays the cost of medicines has increased and the treatment needs of the elderly people are extremely high. To the highest possible extent we attempt to gradually ensure that all our wards receive the medicines they require. Presently a new kind of medical service is planned to be implemented. This is therapeutic massage. Given the state of people who have recently undergone orthopedic surgery in the course of the humanitarian medical programs of the German Foundation “Remembrance Responsibility and Future” and are in need of further rehabilitation, we concluded that it is necessary to introduce treatment revitalizing massage that would help to people to adapt, while the ordinary care massage can help remove fatigue and stress. Therefore, in the nearest future this service will be implemented and further carried out on the high quality professional level. Analyzing the needs of our wards helps us to determine the areas for our further activities. After eight moth of hard work in this project we are still looking for the chance to be helping people in different ways. We are hoping to find new opportunities to provide help in various areas. How short the period of our work on this project may be, we have already received the first positive feedback and sincere gratitude from our wards.


Zaruba M.M.: “I am very thankful to you and your nurses for the help you provide. You have chosen the best works for this project. They treat their work with great love. I am very thankful for that. Their care has brought me back to life.”


Ivan’ko G.V.: “I am very happy about your help. Your employees help me in the household, measure my blood pressure, give me medicines and most important the nice communication.”


Zubenkova N.D.: “In my age I can no longer care for everything myself, that is why I need the help of the mobile care service. My husband is a Chernobyl victim. I have serious heart problems and sometimes I simply need someone to give me a glass of water. The mobile service workers, who come and help us, as if they were my family, give us the chance to go on. WE are very thankful for such care and need it a lot.”


“I am a former GHETTO and concentration camp prisoner. I am 81 now. The health is already rather poor and I am lonely. The two nice women, helping me around really warm my heart. The come every week, take care of my health, do some housework, so I do not have to think about the food or cleaning the flat myself. They are very attentive and kind, apart from doing their job very well they treat me with all the human kindness, warmth and understanding. I am immensely thankful to those who have organized this elderly care service, it is really important for the people like me, for those who need care, attention and sympathy.” With respect and admiration, Tulchynska Maria Myronivna.



Before the New Year Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi  has found another opportunity to help our wards. This help was a real comfort to the elderly. Owning to the petition of the Association of Working Samaritans Schleswig-Holstein one of the German savings banks has provided funds for repairing our wards’ flats. These funds gave us the chance of providing people, who needed these repairs most urgently. They had their walls, ceilings, doors and windows painted, new wallpaper glued and locks changed. Additional costs in the amount of 6400 HRN have been spent on purchasing the food baskets, as a New Year present for the wards. Each such basket included food, which the seniors can have for their festive table- champagne sweets, canned  fish and vegetables, meat pates, groceries, flour, oil, tea and condensed milk.  People had received these presents with the tears of gratitude in their eyes.

Unfortunately the staff of our Association often has to share not only joy, but grief with its wards. Some people die, both of their age and poor health. Thus, recently one of our wards has died. Both he and his wife received the care of our Association, but the miserable costs they received from the state did not let them properly pay the rent, not to say anything of the decent burial. It was sheer pain and sympathy that we all have shared with the wife of the late man. Not having any costs available for such cases, we still have found an opportunity to provide financial help and organize a decent funeral. During the time of this project the mobile care service workers and their wards have become as close as only family can be. They share their troubles, joy and grief, overcome the illnesses and help people recover. And the best reward they get is the gratitude they see in the eyes of their elderly wards.

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