Anyone who feels in his or her heart the craving to help others can become a member of the Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi. Both natural and legal persons are accepted to be the members of the association.

We gladly welcome anyone who makes his contribution to the honourable matter of helping those in need, either with good deeds, money or any other support. Today in Ukraine, unlike other European countries volunteering is not as popular and prestigious. However, recently there have appeared more and more people, who selflessly want to be helping others. Among them is socially active youth and people who have gone through the similar trouble themselves. These are the true Samaritans, people who build up the basis of a successful democratic society. Around two million people in Germany support the Samaritan movement with their active participation. We put all our effort to spread the modern European tendency of volunteering as a prestigious and honorable activity that encourages cooperation of more and more people in the world and in Ukraine.

When helping others you yourself have the chance to gain precious experience through communication with people of different age groups – both children and seniors. Our wards are people in need of psychological help, care, simple moral support, housework assistance and purchase of food.

Sometimes help requires even more. Funding is needed to cover the costs related to all these activities. Therefore, we are grateful to those few members of the Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi, whose membership fees provide these funds. Without these contributions, we would not be able to provide such assistance as do nowadays. Membership fee is 5 HRN per month. The amount of contributions may also be determined independently by each member, depending on the personal circumstances and financial capabilities. Union members are entitled to take an active part in the work of the Association and to choose the members of the board as well as define prospective and priorities of the association.

Do you also want to become a member of the Association of Samaritans? This is very easy! All you have to do is contact us!


58013,  Chernivtsi, 242 Chervonoarmiyska Street



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