Our partners

Thanks to our efforts and efforts of our partners we achieve our aim step by step, which is directed to social state improvement of our society, decrease of diseases of diefferent society groups,  consciousness  increase of citizens, youth attraction to good deeds.


 ASB DeutschlandASB Germany works throughout the Germany as charity organisation and counts 16 regional, district and local associations and 111 limited liability companies. It is independent of policy and any religion. More than 1,1 millions people support
helpful association becoming its  memebers.

From the moment of its establishment in 1888 humanitarian and democratcal principles  provide a basis for activity of ASB in country and abroad. Today service variety of ASB for needy people consists in social common conditions of our life.

ASB Germany knows about juridical and social and political issues. Concerning aged people care, rescue service and other voluntary activity ASB Germany estimates situation and contacts with the delegates of Bundestag and other institutions.

ASB Germany plays a large part in activity of Chernivtsi regional charity samaritian association as establishment, development, formation and the first steps of activity ASB-Chernivtsi were made thanks to ASB Germany.

joint projects: Establishment of ASB-Chernivtsi. daily care of aged people, children project 2008.


Our connections to ASB Schleswig-Holstein were founded thanks to friend relationship of directors of both organisations. Thanks to initiative of this organisation Chernivtsi region charity samaritian organisation was established and other projects were realized, where ASB-Schlewig- Holstein played a large part.  The biggest projects with its help: support of oncological clinic, renovations, children project and so on. Their activity in Germany is directed to the help to refugees, migrants. There are founded asylums for refugees.  


Спілка Самаритян України Київське Об"єднанняEstablishment of the organisation becomes a successful step for partner relations development between the cities Kiev and Munich in a field of health protection and social protection.
From the 3. september 2005 ASB Kiev is a member of Samaritian International, which is located in Koln. In organisation work devoted and high-qualified specialists. 

For ASB Chernivtsi ASB Kiev is the elder and experienced partner, which helps with its examples and advices.


The Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” 


The Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” is an expression of the responsibility of the state, industry and society to continue to confront National Socialist injustice and to work for understanding between peoples.

The Foundation supports international projects in   the following areas:

- A critical examination of history

- Working for democracy and human rights

- Humanitarian commitment to the victims of National Socialism

The Foundation was established in 2000 to make payments to former forced labourers. The payments were completed in 2007. A total of EUR 4.37 billion was disbursed to more than 1.66 million people in 98 countries. Other victims of National Socialism received altogether EUR 545 million.

The Foundation’s capital of DEM 10.1 billion (EUR 5.2 billion) was provided by the German government and German industry.


 Рекламна Агенція АСС

It was establishes in 2001.
 Here work experienced specialists, which aim to provide the best reclame projects to their customers. The organisation is one of the best local reclame agency. Common projects: «Help to the children clinic». (Charity maraphon, which is directed to regional children clinic support.

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