In 2005, It has occurred an idea to find out possibilities for help to Chernivtsi regional onkological clinic as a result of exigency of financing for treatment of pacients. Such a possibility has appiered thanks to close relations with the german doctors. These were the first steps on the way to Samaritian movement in Chernivtsi. In may 2006 Chernivtsi charity samaritian organisatione has begun its activity with the aim to help  to the unprotected strata of society.



It was founded and registrated the Chernivtsi regional charity samaritian organisation as independent organisation in city Chernivtsi with 8 members.

There were renovated the 3 manipulation rooms in Chernivtsi regional onkological clinic.

In the beginning the most important direction in activity of Chernivtsi Samaritians was a help to onkological clinic. But seeing their results they have decided to help in other directions.


It was established the mobile daily-care service,  which takes care of former nazism victims by two mobile teams. The творено мобільну службу догляду за колишніми жертвами нацизму з двома мобільними бригадами The number of beneficiars in this project is 75 people. In the frames of a programm there are doing such services like social and medical care and there are gived out the medicaments and so on. It were realized two charity actions for this group of wards. Thanks to this cations they have got a festive foodstuff to the  new year fest and the rooms in their houses were renovated.

Together with the radio “Station 103,2 FM” the charity maraphon for children clinic takings was realized. This action was devoted to the day children defence.

There were renovated two dressing-rooms in onkolgical clinic.

In october 2007 with the aim of close cooperation  with the local authority the chernivtsi region charity samaritian organisation was affiliated to the coordinating council of social charity organisation of a borough council. Samaraitian organisation arranges 50 members.


It was developed a ptoject “Children and youth help”, which aim is a building and reconstruction of  playing ground in on of children garden of the city. This project realization promotes not only playing conditions improvement but development of cultural relations between the ukrainian and german pupils, which take part on a project realization.

It is planed a transport service of invalids. The project is developed.


Today The Chernivtsi samaritian organization realizes its projects thanks to financing of samaritian bound Shleswig-Holstein, ASB Germany, funds “Memory, Resposibility and Future”, taxes and donations.

Establishing of Chernivtsi regional charity samaritian organisation has positiv influenced the status of social branch in the region and  hast reaulted to close cooperation with the local authority.

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