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The Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi was officially registered in Chernivtsi on the 6th of May 2006 on the initiative of the ASB-Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) with support of the Samaritan Union of Ukraine – Kyiv Association as a non-governmental and independent social charitable organsation. Its tasks are medical and social aid.

Our partners in Germany are regional sections of the „Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund“ (ASB) and therefore reperentatives of one of the oldest German societies in the field of emergency assistance and charity. The ASB is active in this field since 1888 and is the second largest charitable organisation after the Red Cross.

The Samaritan associations are independent organisations that are financed by membership fees, donations and grants.



  • Social assistance and services in home care for the elderly and ill
  • Transport services for disabled and bed-ridden persons
  • Support of medical institutions, nursing homes and institutions for children
  • Training in first aid and care
  • Charity and work with youth

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