Chernivtsi  Regional Association of Samaritans

The first steps to the foundation of the Chernivtsi Regional Association of Samaritans were taken in 2005, when doctors of the Oncologic Clinic of Chernivtsi were looking for urgently needed financial aid for the clinic and its patients. Because of existing contacts to German doctors it became possible to receive such support by cooperation with the German branch of Samaritan International, the „Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund“ (ASB). The Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi could start its support for socially disadvantaged groups in May 2006.

At the beginning, the main area of work was the support of the Oncologic Clinic. However, it was soon decided to help in other ways as well, considering various social problems.

The present work of the Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi is financed by by the ASB-LV Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), the ASB Federal Association of Germany, the German foundation „Past, Responsibility and Future“, membership fees and donations.


The Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi helps to improve the social situation in Chernivtsi and has established good ccoperation with local authorities.

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