German-Ukrainian Project wins an award!

logo_europeans-for-peace2International youth project “Forced labour is in the past. Not at all!” has received an important and honourable award for us. 33 projects Raum11: Titelfrom 13 countries and only four winners and our project among them! German Foundation IMG_8709Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, in the framework of the initiative Europens for Peace has been sponsoring youth projects for already 8 years now. These youth cooperations involve young people into learning more about the history and take active part in social life of the modern world, teaching them how to make a difference in the matters that are problematic for the whole European community. The awarding ceremony took place in January 2013 in Berlin.Except of the chance of going to Germany and meeting our project partners and friends , we also got an invitation to the official awarding ceremony and received our prize from the honourable ambassador of Ukraine in Germany.The other winning projects were interesting and successful from the point of view of problems they have dealt with and positive change they have triggered. Interntional youth projects- are not just researching archive data, making reports and learning theoretical facts! They are all about learning to think and undersand, find solutions to problems and unite to solve them in a number of creative ways. The products created by the winning projects included a Hip-Hop opera to support the rights of refugees, dancing piece about the Holocaust, education films on the Henocide in Armenia, interactive blogs on the promotion of human rights and informative brochures on the topic of protecting human rights nowadays. Taking part in such a project means opportunities for travelling, working in a multicultural group and exchanging personal experiences, new klowledge and impressions!


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