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Charity Marathon

In June 2007 in cooperation with the Radio Station “Radio103,2 FM”, Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi organized a Charity Marathon aimed at gathering the funds in support of  Children’s Regional Hospital.


Interaction with the local Authorities

 In 2007 in order to cooperate with the local authorities and unite the efforts with them, Regional Association of Samaritans Chernivtsi has become a member of the Coordinating Board of Public Charitable Organizations in the Executive Committee of the City Council.


New repair works completed in the Oncology Center
In January 2008, repair works of the new bandaging rooms in Chernivtsi Regional Oncology Hospital were completed. 53,000 HRN were spent for these repair works, the sum was provided as charity aid

from  the Association of the Working Samaritans Schleswig-Holstein.


New Project “Helping children and youth”

In June 2008 the official opening of the modern playground in the kindergarten №45 took place. The construction of this playground was carried out in the course of the project “Helping children and youth”. The total cost of the construction equaled about 37000 HRN. Young volunteers from Germany, Kiel came to Chernivtsi to help with the construction and decoration. Young people were eager to take part in this project. Further projects in cooperation are planned.


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